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About the company

D2D Ltd is an important and central facto in  the valuable shipments market .

The company is fully licensed by all relevant  authorities and fully equipped with all secured equipment , armoured vehicles, skillful and trained security staff , secured vaults located at our Diamond Exchange Complex in Israel .


D2D Val Express was established following the worldwide valuables market needs for world wide international  secured  transportation .


 Efficient Service, Fast deliveries  and Security are the foundations required in order to enable  Successful diamonds, jewellery and valuable  trades .


D2D may provide wide insurance solutions following the market needs ,Banks and other branches , through Lloyd's of London , which may provide answers to various  types of shipments .


D2D represents the Worldwide  Ferrari Group in Israel – A group which has been specialized for many years ,having the  experience and knowhow  in worldwide valuable transportation ,


D  2D also cooperates with the global group of G4S which its  network covers the major central cities around the globe.


Our policy has always been to consistently  upgrading the secured transportation around the world ,to improve and be updated according to the customers' needs

and to provide  suitable competitive and attractive  responds  to all our customers need  wherever they are .

Representative offices around the globe

Our company is being represented overseas by Ferrari Group , and other leading forwarding companies such as Via Mat International , Dunbar and G4S



Jabotinsky 3 Ramat Gan Israel 52520
Phone 03-5754901
Fax 03-5754904
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